Sunday, May 15, 2011

A step in the right direction

Hello again!

  If you have read the new ret pally changes, (its a small one) then you may notice they are doing kind of what I had in mind. They are making selfless healer reduce the cooldown of WoG by 5/10 seconds. Plus the buff can no longer be dispelled or spell stolen. I was happy to see this, but then i got to thinking. Why not GIVE us Divine storm, and make that a decent heal. Kind of like deathstrike, but on a Cd. Divine storm used to be great in arena and pve,and I have yet to spec into it for either.

Another suggestion would be to take take away that Crusader Strike and Divine Storm share Cd, and let it give a HP. That may be a little stronger then intended, but why design a spell that no one uses???

 Next time I will be going over some other games. I have been playing League of Legends a lot, and i want to share with you my tip and tricks for the character Evelyn!!

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