Sunday, May 15, 2011

2nd part in Guide, gems /chants

Gems / Enchants / Stats
One word, "STRENGTH", it is KING for rets for damage. It is 2x better than Hit Rating even if you are not hit capped. This means reforge hit! Do not gem into it unless it's a blue socket (use 20str / 20hit) AND it yields equal amount of stat gain.
Mastery is equal to roughly .3 of Strength, some more accurate numbers should come soon. Other than hit cap, I recommend reforging almost all into mastery and maintaining a logical amount of crit.
The only arguable stat that can go against Strength is resilience. Rets have an X on their heads and get trained all game all the time. Personally, I'm trying to stay within 3200 resilience. Just use what you feel comfortable with, I know rets who go for 4000 resilience and Rets who go under 3000.

Recommended Gems:
Meta - Strength / +3% Crit Dmg or REFLECT META (If you like RNG!)
Red - 40 Strength
Yellow - 20 Strength / 20 Resil or 20 Strength / 20 Mastery
Blue - 40 Strength or 20 Strength / 20 Hit (Depends on Socket bonus!)

Recommended Reforging:
Get Hit Cap first! (5%) After that go for mastery and possibly maintain some crit.

Recommended Enchants:
Head - 60Str / 35 Resil
Shoulders - 50Str / 25 Resil
Back - 65 Crit Rating
Chest - +20 All Stats OR 40 Resil
Wrist - 50 Strength
Hands - 50 Strength
Legs - 190AP / 50 Crit Rating
Feet - 50 Mastery or 32AP
Weapon - Weapon Chain (recommended) or Landslide. If you have the luxury have 2 weapons and have one on each, switch depending what opponents you see.

This is probably the most common question I've gotten! What seal do you use?
For a simple answer, Truth.
Here is a more complicated answer:
Generally for any target you are staying on for 10+ Seconds, Truth is the highest damage dealing seal. Especially now in 4.0.6, Censure is buffed big time.
Go Seal of Light when you're getting trained HARD, it does save lives. Use your own instincts here, do you think it's more important to bring this guy down asap with Truth / Righteousness, or to survive longer with seal of light?
Seal of Justice, this is an incredibly awkward seal. It's a horrible skill, but yet you still need to use it at times (makes no sense I know). The only time I've used this effectively is Rated BGs (slowing demolishers) and 2s when I played double Ret vs Warlock Enhancement Shaman (we had to stop the shaman).

Viable Ret Comps
Viability's definition is different for each person. I'm going to leave this section blank now that 4.0.6 appeared, I believe we can run just about anything that makes even some logical sense and be "viable" for my definition.

Doesn't really matter. Many people like engineering as it probably gives the highest overall enjoyment from fun toys.

How much resil should a Ret aim for?
As said before this is largely preference based, and on what comp you are running. I'm trying to stay at roughly 3200, but I've seen people stack to 4000 and go under 3000 as well.

What rotation do you use in PvP?
There is no rotation in PvP. Everything is situational. Keep note that our hardest hitting ability will be Templar's Verdict, which also clashes with Word of Glory as both takes holy power.
Some also simple notes is you should almost never use Templar's Verdict unless you have 3 holy power or a proc

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