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1st part of the ret pvp Guide

Retribution Paladin PvP Guide

This guide is written mainly for players new to playing retribution in arena / PvP. I posted this on the arena junkies forum, but I'm posting it here in hopes to help more people out after receiving more and more PMs about ret questions lately.

How's Ret PvP in Season 9?
In my opinion Ret PvP is okay atm, the one thing I want to see fixed is the parry / dodge on crusader strikes doesn't proc holy power, our dispel protection and our bad survivability. However, overall we're in an okay spot. The highest I reached so far this season post 4.0.6 was 3053 before team hopping again.

PvP Talents
There are 2 big differences in how Rets are talenting for PvP atm. The 2 differences are 40second Hammer of Justice versus Last Word (Crit on Word of Glory below 35% hp).
If you are going for Last Word you will off spec mainly to Holy, if you're going for 40 second Hammer of Justice you will off spec Prot.
Also, for rated BGs you should pick up divine storm.

The rest of the talents most Rets can usually agree on or only have slight variances.

The most common specs for rets at the moment is some type of improve Hammer of Justice Spec. Some arguable talents here are:
- 2Points in Acts of Sacrifice
- Only 1 Point in AOW
- 2Points in Guardian's Favor
The rest of the talents are pretty concrete. You won't pick up sancity of battle due to the fact most rets should have very little haste in PvP, and bloodlust / heroism is disappearing from arena. I've been going 2 points into AOW lately with 1 point only into Acts.
If your freedom is constantly getting purged / spell stolen switch guardian's favor to AOW (Art of War).

This is the probably the highest healing spec for Rets (Last Word).

I'm going to talk about Prime Glyphs first, for Prime Glyphs I would consider Templar's Verdict to be necessary especially now in 4.0.6 as it is our hardest hitting ability.
After that you'll have some choices to make between Crusader Strike vs Censure vs Word of Glory vs Judgement.
Word of Glory is recommended for most general cases unless you're going for some kind of high burst comp (kill the opponent in under 1minute or lose), as big burst heals is one of ret's best friend atm.
Censure provides the highest "dps" from a PvE perspective. Use this if you're in a comp that trains a lot and has minimal stuns. I wouldn't recommend this if you're playing with a rogue as the person you're hitting will be stun locked most of the time.
Crusader Strike and Judgement are just the "okay some damage here" glyphs if you don't like the other 2.

Prime Glyphs:
Templar's Verdict (Necessary)
Word of Glory (Recommended)
Censure vs Crusader Strike vs Judgement (Your Choice)

Major Glyphs:
Major glyphs I've seen a lot of variance. I'll explain the most useful and commonly used ones here.
Crusader Strike (Biggest Mana Saver)
Turn Evil (Instant fear can save lives against those deadly pets out there)
Hammer of Wrath (Saves a LOT of mana during Avenging Wrath)
Hammer of Justice (Longer range stun, what else to be said?)
Cleansing (Could be as Valuable or more Valuable than Crusader Strike glyph depending on how much you are cleansing yourself out of slows)
Divine Protection (Wizard Protection!)
You can pick any variance of these and it would still be considered good choices. Use the mana ones if you have huge mana problems in arena, turn evil for defensive reasons, HOJ for overall convenience, Divine Protection if you're getting wizard trained.

Minor Glyphs: (Doesn't really matter, I'll post what I plan to use)
Might Glyph (Recommended)
Truth Seal Glyph
Justice Seal Glyph

The only one here that is going to matter is glyph of Might as the buff is going to cost a lot of mana. The other seals just use the glyphs for your favorite seals that you dance with.

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