Sunday, May 15, 2011

This week- EVE!!!

That might be a little small, but that is just a select few games that I played on  her. My best game is 37-6-19. Keep in mind this is against level 30s not level 1s.

No one ever believes me, but Eve is an amazing mid. The best thing about a stealth mid, is you can stealth- open stealth-open and harass very well. You can deny great xp when you stealth and you can gank without them knowing you are gone.

You want to get Exhaust and Ignite.

I always start out with a mana pot and a Amplifying tomb. I have all AP runes and at level 3 i start stealth/harassing. I go e-q-e-w-e 1st. Every stealth, open with an e then run back. You can get 3 opens before you are oom. I never waste a summoner spell until I know I will get a kill. When ever your enemy lane backs, go to gank. If you keep up the pattern of stealth/dps he wont say if you are Mia or not.

I get oracles to counter there wards and teemos muchrooms. It helps a LOT to know if they can see you. In team fights, always open after your team does. This will almost always ensure a kill.

I start out with Mejas, then boots, lichbane, Rabadons Deathcap, then you have your choices between survial and more dps. I usually get Banshees Veil. Always try to get blue at around level 7. This will help ganks because you will not have to back to get mana. Make sure your team knows that you are ganking and to put out pressure but be safe about it.

Hope you try this and let me know how it goes!

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