Friday, April 29, 2011

3v3 Arena Triple Dps Strategy

Hello Everyone who is cool enough to find this blog!!
  So last night my dk friend ( Shout out to Clysm) and rogue (Ducivo is a bamf) decided that triple dps 3s would be fun. I figured we could try, not being serious at all. We ended up 31-10 with 2216 and a 2300 mmr.

  I can see why they are nerfing WoG spam. I healed our dk through some crazy stuff, including a 2400 KFC team that we farmed for a good 300 points. It took about 4 hours, and there was a BIG learning curve. We lost 10 games with a win here and there, then won 15 straight at about a 2200 mmr. The comp was crazy fun to play. We had some O SHIT moments, but it was a blast. I had no intention of hitting 2200 but hey, what ever works. I just wanted to share some tips for anyone who wants to have some fun.

We only really have problems with Paladin/preist teams. Good shadow priests sit me and just mass dispell when i bubble. We save all of our silences for a healer, so its gogo pew pew. We do try to switch if there is a warrior that pops cds so we can make him go defensive or blow him up. You have to keep an eye out for Recklesness so that you can make an amazing switch. With this triple dps team, 1 person can stay healer for interupts and the other 2 can kill the warrior.  You have to use all defensive cds pretty much every game. Never hesitate on killing a warrior or mage.You have to watch for Recklessnes, when ever a warrior pops it, the ret should wings and switch. It puts out a lot of pressure and makes him go defensive. If you get a great cc chain, locks go down also.One thing that works amazing, is smoke bombing defensively. If there is any ranged, use smoke bomb so your ret can heal . Our rogue ( ducivo) is pro at calling and throwing a smoke bomb. We beat a 2400 RMP 2 times , and we have beat a few ex glads and 2700 Wld teams.

Pre-nerf i was healing a lot. Post nerf, we have to focus solely on good switches and blowing something up. Smart healers will sit back and wait until we have to hit a dps. We will usually start hard, grip/freeze and if he does not trinket we will kill something. Once he does, quick switch, and garrote/kidney/silence/hoj. Plus we will throw down that smoke bomb to prevent a lot of damage. Our dk will always freeze early then we get  a blind on a dps. Blinding a mage is great so you can get a full wings with out it being stolen.

 I posted on arena forums looking for a healer a while ago, and that was a mistake. Nothing but trolls. Should have figured, but post nerf, we are at 2400 right now winning our last 14 games. I want to see other people try it. The nerf has really hurt any chance of a ret pally/healer/dps team. Rets get trained and after cds, just flop. I do not know how blizz will fix it, but they better next patch. They went way over with the nerfs.

Good luck all!!!!!

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